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Hang Tags

Hang labels are not just for brand data purposes. They increase the value of your garments by emphatically recognizing your image and items in plain view in an advanced, proficient manner. Cruz Label can make greatly proficient, 100% altered silk screened hang labels or woven labels for all organizations beginning from little new businesses to expansive companies.
When it comes to making unique hang label plans, the sky is the breaking point! Hang labels can be innovatively created with altered shapes, materials, hues, completes, thicknesses, overlays, and considerably more.
On the off chance that you claim a dress line or satchel organization and your objective is to offer your things in boutiques or retail establishments, then you ought to have hang labels to brand your items and give your organization name acknowledgment. Most retail chains and boutiques won’t purchase your pieces of clothing or things in the event that they are not completely marked and labeled professionally.

Paper Card Options

Our essential hang labels are on card stocks up to 18 point card stock (about double the thickness of a standard business card). By having card stocks stuck together, we can make much thicker hang labels. Alternately we can utilize plastic materials to make solid, thick hang labels for mixed bag of purposes. For more altered and interesting look we can deliver your hang labels utilizing reused, textured, metallic thwart, and wrinkled paper. We can likewise give 100% reused card stocks.


We coordinate PantoneTM hues for the ink, including metallic hues. We additionally have a wide mixture of metallic foil prints that can be utilized.

Strings & Ribbons

String or ribbon connection is a critical component that improves the look of your hang labels. The material, length, width, and shading of the strings are all modified to your inclinations. We additionally have a mixed bag of strings in stock that you can choose from. It would be ideal if you request a free example bundle or talk about your needs with our business rep

Eyelets and Attachments

Numerous substantial obligation or thick hang labels look better with a grommet or eyelet. Contingent upon your decision, we have a wide choice of metal and paper eyelets that can fit your complex needs. Different connections, for example, self clasping pins are accessible silver, gold, and dark. Custom hues may be accessible.

Shapes with Die Cut

Kick the bucket cut shapes are totally adaptable and can suit even the most complex outlines.


Our default 18 point card stock hang label accompanies a semi-gleam varnish. Contingent upon your needs, we can give matte or polished varnish on entire or parts of your hang label outline

Emboss & Deboss

Letters and logos can be embossed or debossed to achieve a stylistic and design-conscious look.

Hang Tag Options

Base hang label costs for 1-2 spot shading print, single sided print, straight cut, drill opening for connection, and up to 18 pt white card stock.
You can redo your hang label plan any route you like, however additional charges will apply. Some fundamental additional items where expenses apply include

  • Double sided print
  • Full-bleed color
  • More than 2 color print
  • Die cut shape
  • Foil Print
  • Very heavy card stock
  • Metal grommets/eyelets
  • Rhinestone
  • Custom strings and pins
  • Recycled card stock
  • Sticker backing

Hang tags do not have to be limited to paper card stock material. We can also print or emboss on

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Custom paper stock
  • Canvas or Cotton Twill
  • PVC or Silicone