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Utilizing PVC labels, Rubber labels and silicone labels and patches can upgrade the look of your attire and different items and include another measurement in the look and feel. Elastic materials are utilized for their toughness, life span and shading soundness. We have created PVC and Silicone labels for clothing and footwear organizations as well as to the vehicles and bundling businesses.
PVC labels and patches are ideal for pants, coats, packs, footwear and different embellishments, which normally require more extraordinary brand distinguishing proof systems than simply woven labels.

How to apply Rubber Labels

The most effortless approach to apply rubber Labels is to sew them on. Most sewers and producers will have needles that can undoubtedly sew PVC labels or Silicone labels on. You can likewise apply elastic labels by warmth glue or sticker cement. Heat cement may not be accessible for all applications, so approach a business rep for more data about PVC labels or elastic labels.
Another choice is to utilize a warmth welding machine. A thermo pressure ties the silicone labels with your article of clothing, so there is no sewing or glue included. We can likewise warmth weld the silicone on a bit of fabric for you too.